Mustafa Burak Su

I was in college when I founded a website-building business in 2001 without capital and coding skills. Until today, I have worked a lot and learned many things that changed my life. As a founder and manager of two awarded digital advertising agencies ( Krombera & Kroppa), I worked with the biggest brands like Nike, Burger King, Vodafone, Netflix, Intel, KPMG, Emaar, P&G, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Ikea, Danone, Nestle Waters, etc. I spread thousands of creative ideas, and I managed talented teams. The brands who listened to my strategical advice won millions of dollars. I directed the multi-million-dollar digital advertising campaigns with my team. Every day I wake up to deliver value to my brands. I am a problem-solver and a challenger. I have solved tons of branding, marketing, and advertising problem.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my life was the importance of sharing knowledge generously. I collected a lot of information in my lifetime and converted it into knowledge. I have delivered articles, podcasts, videos, and newsletters about my learning. I'm still trying to share my experience in marketing, management, and innovation with feasible samples on different mediums. You can always check my social media channels for updates.*

My Team - Kroppa Digital Agency

With the help of fifteen-year experience in sales and marketing, I'm working on a branding strategy model for the digital era for every type of product and service: "FrameWork Model." I hope I'll share a website with lots of documents and a book explaining how to market ideas this year.

As an entrepreneur, I know how hard to establish a company from scratch and shift it until a profitable company. I had done it many times, and I failed many times, too. Every startup needs help. Surprisingly most of the time, the support they need is marketing. I know great products, flawless-coded by hard-working developers who have no idea about marketing and selling products. I met entrepreneurs with a perfect solution for consumers but didn't know the product's value. I worked with all of them. I helped them with marketing strategy and execution, creative campaigns, advertising, production, and performance marketing. We sold great products and services; we created new businesses and jobs. I'm still helping entrepreneurs, marketers, and brand owners with their business adventures. If you want to meet with me, make an appointment.

My partners at Kroppa Digital

I believe marketing is a critical element that builds today's world. Selling and buying created division of labor, and this efficiency shaped the economy. With the help of this efficiency and cooperation, homo sapiens found solutions for their daily life and had time for innovation, art, and sociality. So today, marketing is more critical than in ancient times. Yes, we are selling products and services, but we are also changing culture. If we can transform products into brands, we can shape our community with the power of branding. We consume products for our needs, but a brand creates a concept based on trust. If you sell just a product, your biggest nightmare is your sales. You can sell low-quality products as a commodity and don't have to care about service quality. However, you must care about your fame, prestige, and value if you are a brand. A brand is a promise you have to keep constantly. Our community will be more powerful if we can create more powerful brands. We have a chance to shift our future by changing our approach to marketing and branding. Here is my professional motto for that:

"Let's make marketing great again."

I know "changing the world and making the world a better place" are huge ideals we use and consume too much. I prefer to be realistic than an idealist. I am limited to my circle of influence. I can only create an impact by spreading my ideas and serving the community. Because of that, I'm sharing my knowledge with the entrepreneurship community without any border or fee.

An "I understand marketing terms" pose

I'm over 40 and learned lots of things from the community. Unfortunately, I have limited time to give it back. You can always ask me anything you are curious about. I'm ready to help you. I'm keen to hear from you and learn from your stories.

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